Staff Directory

Levi’s® Stadium is managed by the Forty Niners Stadium Management Company on behalf of the Santa Clara Stadium Authority.

Executive Management

Ethan Casson Chief Revenue Officer

Business Development

Chris Giles Vice President of Sales & Strategy
Angele Marshall Senior Manager, Event Marketing
Madison Meade Stadium Events Coordinator


Krista Tokugawa Stadium Sales Office Manager
Mary Pires Administrative Engineering Coordinator
Jamie Seiff Executive Administrative Assistant
Bernadette Pullon-Garcia Executive Administrative Assistant

Corporate Partnerships

Brent Schoeb Director of Corporate Partnerships
Nikkie Hawkins Senior Manager, Partnership Services
Cassandra Trujillo Manager, Partnership Services
Safia Diab Manager, Partnership Services
Reza Wiriaatmadja Manager, Partnership Services
Mika Lewis Manager, Partnership Services
Tyson Lamp Manager, Partnership Sales
Kevin Hilton Manager, Partnership Sales
Craig Martin Manager, Partnership Sales
Nate Racela Coordinator, Partnership Sales & Service


Patrick Rogan Director of Engineering Operations
Roger Elu Chief Engineer
Damon Andrews Assistant Chief Engineer
Douglas Lopez Stationary Engineer
Omar Garcia Stationary Engineer
Daniel Lee Stationary Engineer
Justin Rhodes Stationary Engineer
Rick Narayan Stationary Engineer
Chris Scallan Stationary Engineer
Clinton Meyerhoff Stationary Engineer
Scott Sotelo Stationary Engineer
Matthew Toman Utility Stationary Engineer
Eric Gunsberg Utility Stationary Engineer
Chucky Robinette Utility Painter


Tim Hardman Groundskeeper

Guest Services

Kieran Nulty Director of Guest Services
Eve Alvarenga Stadium Operations Workforce Manager
Charlie White Guest Services Manager
Jordan Cox Manager of Guest Services
LaShae Ingram Guest Service Coordinator
Ryan Osenton Guest Service Coordinator
Ashley Vind Uniform & Service Coordinator


Jesse Lovejoy Museum Director
Matthew Van Dixon Museum Education Manager
Lisa Santillan Museum Operations Specialist
Beth Atlas Museum Coordinator
Sofy Navarro Senior Museum Education Specialist
Josiah Rodriguez Museum Lead Educator
Matthew Hovik Museum Lead Educator
Monique Smith Museum Lead Educator

Premium Sales

Nana Yaw Premium Sales Manager
Jordan Nelson Premium Sales Consultant
Aiden Mannion Premium Sales Consultant
Jose Martinez Premium Sales Consultant
Raymond Tioseco Premium Sales Consultant
Andrew Zamarippa Premium Sales Consultant
Alexandra Novak Account Executive, Premium Sales
Jeremy Reitman Account Executive, Premium Sales
Wayne Steele Account Executive, Premium Sales

Premium Service

Dustin Albertson Senior Manager, Member Services
Kathryn Revelo Manager, Suite Member Services
Brandon Lohmann Premium Member Services Representative
Sarah Cardon Member Services Representative
Krista Cullen Member Services Representative
Meagan Schreiner Member Services Representative
Andrew Fernandez Member Services Representative
Hillary Wallach Member Services Representative
Judy Quinata Member Services Representative


Louis Pezzola Security Director
George Sams Security Systems Coordinator
Michael Jacobsen Operations Coordinator

Special Events Sales & Service

Sara Bodzy Senior Manager, Special Events
Hilary Barlesi Special Events Sales Representative
Marta Gola Special Events Sales Representative
Jarrod Silva Special Events Sales Representative
Kelly Roberts Sales Coordinator
Lauren Hall Event Planner
Samantha Hughes Event Planner
Cicely Nash Event Planner
Catherine Pearson Event Planner

Stadium Operations

James Mercurio VP, Stadium Operations/General Manager
Larry Minasian Director of Stadium Operations
Craig Graber Director, Stadium & Event Operations
Julian Sakti Director, Stadium Operations Logistics
Shaun Ram Senior Manager, Stadium Logistics
Dale Moul Senior Manager, Special Events Operations
Nelson Ferreira Senior Manager, Audio Visual and Broadcast Engineering
Michael Milbourn Manager, Warehouse Loading & Dock
Alicia Pratt Stadium Operations Project Manager
Cameron Lacson Manager, Stadium Logistics
Tony Vroman Manager, Events & Stadium Operations
Bob Mallamo Locker Room Manager
Gregory Shore Stadium & Special Event Coordinator
Joshua Small Audio/Visual Coordinator
James Summers II Audio/Visual Coordinator
Chris Salazar Stadium Operations Coordinator
Vincent Sotto Logistics Coordinator
Dominic Roja Loading Dock Coordinator
Daniel Carvajal Logistics Coordinator
Doug Purdy Stadium Operations Staff
Vincent Carstens Stadium & Special Event Coordinator
Logan Irons Stadium Operations Coordinator


Paul Epstein Director of Sales & Business Development
Matthew Crowell Tour Program Manager
Alexandra Carreon Tour Program Manager
Louie Garza Manager, Stadium Sales
Alexis Pinson Sales Coordinator
Parker Christian Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Harrison Clark Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Stephen Crowell Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Riley Danford Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Katie Heldreth Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Reece Oliver Account Executive, Stadium Sales
Craig Sargent Account Executive, Stadium Sales