Parking FAQS

What is directed parking?

Directed parking maximizes the use of available spaces in a lot, ensuring vehicles park in an efficient, safe, and orderly fashion. Upon arrival, vehicles will be instructed to park in the next available empty space by a parking attendant. This process helps to prevent congestion and ensures vehicles don’t block access points.

Why are the 49ers implementing directed parking with lots for gamedays?

Directed parking offers several benefits including, reducing congestion, improved safety, enhanced accessibility, time savings, and improved traffic flow in and out of the stadium. Parking staff will be in lots to provide instructions and answer any questions.

What is the order in which you will fill specific parts of the tailgating lots?

In most occurrences, the spaces farthest from the parking lot entry are filled first. By filling those spaces first, vehicle traffic in parking lots is limited and reduces the amount of vehicle and pedestrian conflict points.

Why are the lots filled in the order outlined above?

The safety of our fans is our number one priority. By limiting vehicle traffic in parking lots, the number of pedestrians walking in or around the path of moving vehicles is reduced. Directed parking also creates optimal cue lengths as vehicles enter into specific areas of the parking lots, thus saving time for fans.

How do I park with my tailgate group within the lot?

In an effort to tailgate with your group, it is important to sync your arrival or meet your party at a designated area near the stadium and caravan in.

How do I park with my entire tailgate group within the lot if we all arrive at different times?

Unfortunately, if you do not arrive at the same time, we cannot accommodate this request.

How do I park near my friend who has an Early Entry Tailgate placard and I cannot enter the lot at the same time as them?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that cars arriving at different times will have the ability to park next to each other.

Do the 49ers offer in-person parking purchases at the lots they operate?

This season Red, Blue, and Green Lot 1 are all sold out, please consider using alternate lots or public transportation. However, similar to Game tickets, single game parking tickets can come available please check the web address link, or the APP. For parking information on Game Day and what lots are available please access the Parking page.

What am I supposed to do for the games that the organization does not have any more single game or season long parking available?

There are a number of private lots in the area which are available for gameday in-person purchases. For a full list and area map, please click here. Public transportation and rideshare are also encouraged for all guests where this is an option.

I arrive early to park near the exit so I can leave just before the end of the game and get out quickly. How can I assure I am still able to do this with directed parking?

Every effort will be made to expedite departure for all our fans. Fans will be allowed to park their vehicle by pulling into the spot or backing in for an easier exit.

What do the 49ers plan to do as more parking is lost in the coming years?

We will continue to look for additional parking opportunities as well as work with our transit partners to find opportunities to improve upon an already robust public transportation system.