Friday, December 22, 2023

Get to know all of the racers competing in the 2023 K9ers Corgi Cup during halftime of the Ravens vs. 49ers “Monday Night Football” contest.

For Monday Night Football’s halftime entertainment in Week 16, the San Francisco 49ers are proud to host the annual K9ers Corgi Cup at Levi’s® Stadium.

Twelve corgis will compete in a race to be crowned the 2023 K9ers Corgi Cup Champion. Six dogs will race in two different heats, with the two winners of each heat advancing to the finals where they will face off for the title. In celebration of Christmas Day, each dog will be racing in special holiday costumes.

Get to know the K9ers Corgi Cup racers of 2023:

Dressed as a Christmas squirrel

  • From snout to booty she measures 26 inches long and has a paw width of 1.5 inches
  • Loves ice cream and people-watching
  • Small but mighty

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Dressed in a green “Let’s Get Lit” Christmas sweater

  • Faster than a Furrari
  • Reigning K9ers Corgi Cup Champion
  • 2023 Corgi Con Race Champion

Follow Tony on Instagram: @captainandtony

Dressed as a Christmas tree

  • Runs a 1.5 second 40 foot dash
  • Most tail wiggles in under a minute

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Dressed in a reindeer sweater and hat

  • Leg length of 9 inches, ear height of 5.5 inches
  • Has a vertical jump of 18 inches
  • Can launch her body into the air (yet still can’t catch)

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Dressed as a reindeer

  • Loves the beach and running into the waves
  • Favorite activity is digging
  • Can dig a pretty decent size hole in under a minute!

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Dressed in an ugly Christmas sweater with lights

  • Runs fast, snuggles faster
  • Professional ankle biter
  • Likes long, fast walks on the beach

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Dressed in red and white Christmas pajamas

  • Nickname is “Chaos”
  • Fast as fluff
  • Standing at 1.75 footballs tall, his power level is over 9000

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Dressed in a 49ers sweater

  • Barks at 110 decibels
  • Stands at 1′ 8″
  • Is 2.5 footballs long from nose to nub

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Dressed in a Santa sweater

  • Known as the “Wide Mouth Receiver,” he can catch treats and toys with his mouth
  • Bootylicious since birth
  • Three years old

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Dressed in a Christmas sweater

  • Standing at 11 inches tall, but attitude at 6 foot 1
  • Professional squirrel hunter
  • Still lives with his parents

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Dressed in a red glitter holiday dress

  • Keeps fit by running on the beach
  • Wears 49ers outfits on gameday to bring good luck to the team
  • Wears eyeliner and glitter outfits on special occasions

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Dressed in a crochet Christmas scarf

  • No. 1 treat receiver
  • Professional splooter 
  • Big Capricorn energy

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