Monday, October 2, 2023

Dear Bay Area neighbors,

In sports, nothing is more powerful than having a home field advantage.

Over almost ten years at Levi’s Stadium, we have welcomed millions of people through the gates. And at every 49ers game, concert, soccer match, corporate event, vaccine drive, or voting center hosted at the stadium, it’s clear that what makes the stadium so exceptional is the people of the Bay Area. You are our home field advantage.

In honor of Levi’s Stadium’s tenth season, we are releasing a report from a decorated economist who has been analyzing the economic impact of the stadium on Santa Clara County and the surrounding region.

The report shows that since opening in 2014, Levi’s Stadium has contributed more than $2 billion to the local economy.

During that time, Levi’s Stadium has created approximately 11,840 jobs and local employees have earned $546 million in wages. That’s more than half a billion dollars that have gone directly to thousands of Bay Area workers.

Levi’s Stadium has also generated $470 million in revenues for local municipalities. That includes $350 million to the City of Santa Clara and Stadium Authority in the form of sales and hotel taxes, ticket surcharges, parking revenue, and rent – as well as $120 million for the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County governments.

This is such an exciting time to bring events to the Bay Area. We had a full calendar of world class concerts and events this summer, the NFL season is finally here, and the FIFA World Cup and Super Bowl LX are right around the corner in 2026.

It’s not just the fans who give us a home field advantage. It’s the dedicated stadium staff who help bring the events to life. It’s the small business owners who welcome local fans and visitors from out of town. It’s the servers and bartenders who give you a place to crowd around a TV on Sundays. It’s the cab and rideshare drivers who get you to the concert in time for the opening act. You are all important to us, and we take the responsibility of being your neighbor seriously. We are steadfastly committed to contributing back to the community that makes Levi’s Stadium so special.

Thank you for nearly ten years at Levi’s Stadium. As we look toward the next ten and beyond, we’re proud to call the Bay Area home.

We’ll see you soon.

Al Guido

President, San Francisco 49ers

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