Wilcox High School Coach, Senior Look Forward to Santa Clara Matchup at Levi’s® Stadium

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Levi’s® Stadium has hosted professional football already. Before the building hosts college football, the preps are up next.

Here is the schedule for this weekend’s “Friday Night Lights” series (ticket info):

Friday, October 10th

Game 1: Santa Clara vs. Wilcox (5:00pm Kickoff)

Game 2: Elk Grove vs. Jesuit (8:00pm Kickoff)

Saturday, October 11th

Game 1: Oakdale vs. Manteca (12pm Kickoff)

Game 2: James Logan vs. De La Salle (3pm Kickoff)

We caught up with Wilcox High head football coach Mike Brown and one of his senior two-way stars, Chris Lundy to learn more about the first matchup of the weekend…

Q: Coach Brown, how is your season going so far?

A: We’re 3-1 right now. We are ranked No. 10 in the Central Coast Section. We won our league opener last week against Palo Alto. We have played very good defense through these first four games. Offensively, we are led by our running back, Matt Alquetra. The last two games, he has had 200-yard performances. 

Q: What is the style of your team?

A: We’re a split-back, veer, run team. We can go into a multiple set and throw the football a little bit, but we’re definitely a run-heavy team. We run the option. Defensively, we run the 3-4. We’re a physical team, and we run to the football. 

Q: What are you expecting from the Santa Clara matchup?

A: It’s a rivalry that dates back to way, way back. We’ve been on the top end of those games — we have not lost to them in a long, long time. We got on them pretty good last year, and we’re expecting them to come in and give us their best game. The kids are excited; it’s always a game that you look for on your schedule. It being at Levi’s® Stadium that much more worthwhile.

Q: How excited are you and your team to play here?

A: The kids have been real excited for a while, looking forward to it. To tell you the truth, we’re kind of glad it’s here. We’ve been champing at the bit. We’re in the neighborhood, right down the street. It’s a tremendous opportunity, and frankly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our school and our community.

Q: Have you talked with your players about dealing with the bigger stage, brighter lights?

A: We talked about walking in there, taking it easy in the stands. This game, we’re going to come over in street clothes, roam the sidelines and then get ready an hour, hour and a half before for the game.

Q: What do you guys have to do to win this game?

A: We have to contain Santa Clara’s spread offense… On offense, ball control is important. If we don’t turn the ball over, we’ll have a good chance.

And we asked the Santa Clara-raised Lundy, a defensive back/wide receiver who has two interceptions in his last two games, about Friday as well…

Q: Will you have a bunch of family and friends at the game?

A: Yeah, I’ll have a bunch coming from out of state, Oregon, Texas and the Sacramento area.

Q: Have you guys put on a campaign to make sure your fans are loud on Friday night?

A: No, but our fans know that they’re louder, and they know what to do.

Q: What were your impressions of the stadium upon your visit last month?

A: It’s way different than a regular high school stadium. We’re just going to treat it as another game. It’s a nice atmosphere, but we’re just going to take care of business and not really let the outside affect us too much.

Q: For the fans who don’t know your team well, what should they expect?

A: They should expect us to be aggressive, fast and play as one unit.

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