Levi’s® Stadium Leads the Pack for In-stadium Mobile Cellular

Monday, September 29, 2014

The San Francisco 49ers and their fans just celebrated another regular season game at Levi’s® Stadium, but the high-fives go beyond the gridiron. The team now plays in a state-of-the art stadium that includes the infrastructure to support mobile cellular coverage and capacity.

JMA Wireless and their integration partner DAS Group Professionals (DGP) are right behind them. Behind the scenes is an extensive state-of-the-art distributed antenna system (DAS) from JMA Wireless that powers the stadium to ensure that mobile calls, texting, and even more importantly high-speed mobile cellular data are at their maximum when 68,500 people converge on the stadium. The heart of the solution is the Teko DAS platform with Master Units that consume numerous racks behind the stands powering miles of fiber optics to remote units (RUs) strategically placed throughout the stadium to drive antennas. All mobile providers distribute their signals through the Teko DAS platform to deliver service to fans.

“People attending our games want to be able to continue using their mobile devices as they always do – to make voice and video calls, share text messages and images, and engage friends via social networking,” said Dan Williams, 49ers Vice President of Technology. “Whether it is cellular or WiFi, our vision has been to provide our fans with solid connectivity. The JMA Wireless team, along with DGP, has helped us build a great cellular network that allows our guests to maintain connectivity to their respective cellular provider service while at Levi’s Stadium.”

Often misunderstood is what happens to cellular signals within stadiums when high-densities of people try to utilize them simultaneously. People must share an antenna that is outside the stadium on a tower, while concrete and steel structures degrade signals. JMA Wireless engineered the Teko platform that effectively creates many sectors of signals within the stadium. Through a series of fiber optic connected remote units they distribute signals to antennas for multiple cellular operators throughout the stadium.

“Levi’s Stadium has more than 700 cellular antennas throughout the stadium, all powered by the Teko platform,” said Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President of Product and Market Strategy for JMA Wireless. “We are proud to be the new state-of-the-art in cellular DAS solutions and the results from our growing deployments in high profile venues reflect that.”

JMA Wireless and their Teko DAS platform is one of the fastest growing advanced DAS solutions in the industry. They have been selected for many high profile Class A venues, including 7 Times Square and the 510 Madison Avenue High-Rise in New York City, the John Hancock and Liberty Mutual buildings in Boston, and are the solution for high profile, high-tech venues around the world including other sports venues such as Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Lincoln Financial Field, home to the Philadelphia Eagles, and The Dome in Syracuse.

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