Levi’s® Stadium Hosts First 49ers Public Training Camp Practice

Monday, August 4, 2014

The San Francisco 49ers hosted the first of three public training camp practices at Levi’s® Stadium on Monday afternoon.

Jim Harbaugh, the team’s coach, was asked about the session. Plus, see our Vine collection below.

How was the energy for practice in front of the crowd?

“Good. It was good. Tried to slow them down a little bit especially at the beginning of practice, be in control. New grass surface, and want our guys to get their feet under them, get used to it. It’s me (being) overly cautious. But I think that was the right thing to do.”

Is that why you guys did so much scout team stuff, kind of slow the tempo down?

“No, that wasn’t for that reason. We’ve got a game on Thursday. We have some preparation started for the [Baltimore] Ravens.” 

Were you able to use that giant screen to help you kind of watch the practice session yourself?

“I glanced up at it a few times.”

It’s always nice this time of camp to break the monotony for the players to have fans watch practice, right?

“I think so, yes. No question about it. Adds to the energy, yes.”

How did you find the grass and surface?

“Really good, really good. Players commented. It’s a little bit different than our grass field at the practice field, little bit more Bermuda in it. Thought it was good, really good traction. A lot of people were happy. I don’t know. It’s like putting a new golf course with different sight lines, you know, for quarterbacks, receivers seeing the ball travel in a different environment.

Does that help practicing today like that?

“Yes. That’s what we’ve got to get used to, the way we’re used to Candlestick [Park] – the grass there, the sightlines there, the wind, sun, angles, all those things. Got to get used to this stadium, this surface, what the flags do, where the wind blows. That’s the main reason for practicing here.”

And here are some highlights from before, during and after the practice. 

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