Yahoo! Sports: 49ers Build Levi’s® Stadium As Technological, Ecological Marvel

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nestled in Silicon Valley, a 27,000-square-foot green roof with 40 different species of local vegetation will rest atop the west side of the 49ers’ new home, one of the most technologically sophisticated stadiums ever built.

The living roof will serve as the most recognizable feature of Levi’s Stadium, which combines ecology and cutting-edge technology in a revolutionary way while embracing the Northern California culture.

“This really is the next generation of stadiums,” said Scott Capstack, senior project designer at HNTB, the architecture firm that designed Levi’s Stadium. “(The 49ers) want this to be the most connected stadium in the world.”

Bolstered by some of the brightest minds from Facebook and other Bay Area tech companies, Levi’s will offer free Wi-Fi, which allows all 60,000-plus fans to simultaneously connect. Its Wi-Fi infrastructure is designed to be 30 times faster than any other stadium.

“What we’re building is the physical manifestation of Silicon Valley,” 49ers president Paraag Marathe said.

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