Ten Reasons to Apply to Work at Levi’s® Stadium

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everyone is a playmaker. 

At least everyone on the new, growing Levi’s® Stadium event-day team. 

Every single stadium hire will be counted on to exceed the expectations of our guests, whether they are working in guest services, janitorial, Centerplate concessions, security or parking.

Particularly in guest services, which is in the hunt for new employees. In fact, there are 900 openings, including 50 supervisorial positions. 

Members of this department will take tickets, provide direction to fans, operate elevators and manage access to sections and aisles. 

We at came up with 10 reasons to submit your application.

If you’re already convinced, apply here.

If not, here’s our list:

  1. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family.

Let’s face it: How many people get to say, “I work at the brand new Levi’s® Stadium”?  

  1. You’ll experience plenty of “firsts” at Levi’s® Stadium, and there will be many.

The first event, the first 49ers game, the first time you help guests get the most out of the ballpark’s many offerings – and so many more. 

  1. You’ll get to work both NFL and college games, as well as concerts.

Levi’s® will be home to the 49ers, but it will also be home to major concerts and intriguing college football matchups, plus other yet-to-be-announced events.

  1. You’ll get to be apart of the Super Bowl L Experience.

Speaking of major events you’ll be a part of, consider that Santa Clara will host the NFL’s 50th title game in 2016. The 49ers might even be playing in it.

  1. You’ll get to work at the most technologically advanced stadium in the world.

The details on this are still to come, but the 49ers are outfitting their new home with all the bells and whistles befitting a Silicon Valley hotspot.

  1. You’ll get to focus your energy on making guests happy. 

There may be some real-time problem-solving along the way, but guest services prides itself on serving guests – go figure.

  1. You won’t have the same workday twice.

Your responsibilities at the stadium can be shuffled, and while faces will become familiar, you’ll never feel like you’re starring in a “Groundhog Day” remake. 

  1. You get to be the first person at Levi’s® Stadium (and the last one to leave).

Look at it this way: You’ll be a part of the very first crew to work at the stadium. The hours may be long, but it won’t feel that way.

  1. You’ll get to be on the cutting edge of service in sports and entertainment.

With an experienced stadium operations unit that is pushing to do things better than they’ve ever been done elsewhere in the industry, you’ll be a part of a group that is looking to back up its ambition with results.

10. Because “nobody has It better.” 

We’re quoting 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh here because it’s so appropriate. The team is coming off three straight trips deep into the postseason, and it’s looking for playmakers to extend the run. We’re looking at you. 

If we convinced you, apply here.

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