Monday, May 19, 2014

Sports & the Arts (SATA),  the San Francisco 49ers, and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority are proud to announce the artists featured within the Art Collection to be installed inside Levi’s® Stadium. The collection features more than 200 pieces of original artwork and 500-plus photographs from the archives of the 49ers, and their esteemed group of team photographers and media partners. A compilation of the artists and photojournalists, along with samples of their work, can be found at

Sports & the Arts has spent two years sourcing submissions through a public “Call to Artists” and visiting Bay Area galleries, artist studios, and exhibitions in search of the most unique and inspirational forms of artwork. These original works of art were commissioned by SATA and will be installed throughout select areas of Levi’s® Stadium this June. The roster of artists includes local talent as well as established veterans that complement the diverse collection. Several of the local artists will be exhibiting their works for the first time.  

Tracie Speca-Ventura, founder of Sports & the Arts and curator of art collections for over 15 years, thrives on blending mediums and perspectives to form exciting spaces within a venue. Invoking the viewer, Speca-Ventura transforms spaces into experiences. Her relationships with athletes and nationally renowned artists, along with her history of discovering up-and-coming talent in the nooks and crannies of the United States, is what makes her a leading broker in the industry. As a California native, Speca-Ventura’s passion for this project runs deep.

 “A majority of the collection features local artists,” said Speca-Ventura. “This unique opportunity allows them to showcase what California means to them, making the collection even more eclectic and versatile. While celebrating 49ers football past and present, the walls also share the stage with series of art celebrating the Bay Area surf scene, agriculture, wineries, poets and writers, and the psychedelic music of the 1960’s and 70’s.“

 The goal of Sports & the Arts is to enhance the artistic and visual aesthetics of a building. Working alongside architects, contractors and interior designers, SATA strives to create an intimate gallery feel within a large venue.Ensuring each project is unique and tailored to the organization’s specific desires, SATA brings vision and excellence to each project. Their collections now grace the office walls of venues such as Yankee Stadium (home of the New York Yankees), Amway Center (home of the Orlando Magic), Prudential Center (home of the New Jersey Devils) and Marlins Park (home of the Miami Marlins).

 “We are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the gameday experience for our fans and felt an art collection that highlights all that is special about the Bay Area and its football team was a unique way to achieve that goal,” said Ali Towle, 49ers Vice President of Marketing. “Levi’s® Stadium will serve as a focal point for Silicon Valley, and what better way to honor the area’s rich history and unique landscapes than to incorporate artwork from local artists throughout the building.”

 “We are thrilled to work in collaboration with the San Francisco 49ers and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority on this project,” said Speca-Ventura. “Over 20 artists and four incredibly talented photographers have been commissioned to help bring this venue to life. This collection will be unlike any other as the artwork will consist of various mediums, scales and subjects, that will engage everyone from the casual sports fan to the art aficionado.”

About Sport & The Arts

Founded in 1995, Sports & the Arts provides professional athletes and sports franchises with unique paintings, photography and limited edition artwork. Through the building of relationships with professional sports franchises, Sports & the Arts has grown from creating commissioned art works for commemoration of player and team milestones, to curating entire arenas. Sports & the Arts is fortunate to work with a team of skilled artists who excel in distinctive and diverse mediums. Whether it is fine art portraiture, abstract contemporary works, sculpture or photography, Sports & the Arts works closely with artists providing direction for their contributions and thus ensuring a cohesive feel within a large-scale collection. For more information, go to


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