Steel Stadium to Feature Bamboo, Reclaimed and Unique Woods

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Levi’s® Stadium is starting to look like a steel fortress.

So it’s funny how many different kinds of lumber are being rolled into the 49ers busy construction site.

On a recent tour, it was easy to notice walnut wood taking shape in the in-progress players locker room here and tulip wood lining the Legacy Club ceilings there.

Jack Hill, the team’s project executive, and Tambra Thorson, an interior designer for stadium architect HNTB and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) specialist, filled us in.

Turns out, choices were made for aesthetical reasons. Each Levi’s® club levels will have its own personality.


The fast-growing, highly renewable resource is the primary wood of choice in the Violin Memory Suite Tower’s suites, conference rooms and lounges; levels 500 through 800. Typically grown and harvested in China, bamboo is coming direct from San Francisco supplier Smith & Fong.


Many pieces of club furniture, including communal tables and barstools, were made locally of walnut wood. Not to mention the players’ 10-foot lockers, which haven’t arrived just yet.


Reclaimed from Moffet Federal Airfield’s hangar in nearby Mountain View, this will be featured in the 500 level Citrix Owners Club and suites.


Also reclaimed, oak flooring is currently being installed in the 300 level Champions Club and the 400 level Yahoo-sponsored clubs. There will also be oak paneling in the loft club.


This is employed on the origami-looking ceilings of the Legacy Club. Thorson said it fit the criteria for the design: a light wood, in that color range and with that type of graining.

–Andrew Pentis, 49ers.com


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