Jed York Details Super Bowl L Impact

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taylor Price,

The new home of the San Francisco 49ers has made a lasting impact in the Bay Area community on and off the field with Tuesday’s announcement of Super Bowl L taking place at Levi’s® Stadium.

Moments after the San Francisco bid committee was selected as the host city for the Super Bowl’s Golden Anniversary game, Jed York shared his thoughts on what put the Bay Area ahead of South Florida to host Super Bowl L in February of 2016.

“On behalf of my family, on behalf of the team, we’re are just so excited to be able to put on the Golden Super Bowl in the Golden State for the greatest community and the greatest fans in the world,” York said.

The 49ers CEO highlighted the work of the entire Bay Area in the San Francisco bid committee’s presentation. In York’s mind, the strength and willpower of the region helped win over votes from NFL owners.

“I think that was an overwhelming push for us,” York said. “There are a lot of things that were working in our favor and hopefully we do a great job to show California is a great place to host Super Bowls in the future.”

York spoke to reporters along with San Francisco philanthropist Daniel Lurie, director of the Bay Area’s bid committee.

Lurie thanked the 49ers organization for their support in the bid committee’s campaign. He also explained how the Super Bowl will create economic impact all over Northern California from Carmel to Napa.

Levi’s® Stadium figures to be at the forefront of cutting edge stadium technology. Lurie highlighted some of the key components of the stadium design that helped win the Super Bowl bid.

“It’s going to be state of the art,” Lurie said of the 49ers new home stadium set to open in 2014. “You’re going to be able to have Wi-Fi go to every single device, 75,000 fans will have instantaneous Wi-Fi – it’s never been done before.  It’s going to be a fan experience like no other and that’s a testament to the Niners organization for building that.”

Technology was certainly a key ingredient in the Bay Area winning the bid, but York also pointed to the community impact the Super Bowl will have in the coming months. The bid committee is giving back 25 percent of the money they’ve raised. The 49ers CEO said Super Bowl L figures to be the “most philanthropic” Super Bowl in league history.

“It’s about the entire community together,” York said. “That’s what sports are all about.”

Lurie is already lining up the next stages of the Super Bowl planning. He counted 33 months before the game kicks off in 2016 and estimated 22,000 hotel rooms have already been set aside in the Bay Area for the big game.

“Tomorrow we go to work,” Lurie said, “but we have a road map in place. We are already thinking about it and have a game plan in place.”

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