Record-Setting Pace Continues As Legends Reports 75% of Stadium Builders Licenses Sold at New Stadium

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Although construction of the new Santa Clara Stadium began less than 11 months ago, the building is well on its way to being sold out when the San Francisco 49ers take the field for the first time in 2014. Legends, the company hired to market the premium and reserved seats for the Santa Clara Stadium Authority, will submit $400 million of Stadium Builders License contracts for its approval. To date, 75 percent of all available SBLs in the venue have been sold.

“The consistent level of demand in the marketplace throughout the SBL sales process has been very encouraging, and I cannot thank the fans enough for their support,” said Al Guido, Legends Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With 75 percent of all SBLs under contract 17 months prior to the opening of the building, it is evident 49ers fans have found value in the product. The education of potential buyers has played an integral role in our early success, and our stadium preview center is the greatest asset we have had in that regard. When people visit the center, tour the stadium site and meet with our representatives, they gain a much better understanding of the value of SBL ownership. We look forward to meeting with the fans who give the 49ers the best home field advantage in the NFL.”

Overall SBL Sales
·    $400 million in committed revenue
·    75 percent of all SBLs sold
·    87 sections sold out

Club Seat SBL Sales (sales began January 2012)
·    Roughly 80 percent of club seat SBLs sold (6,900 seats)
·    19 sections sold out
·    $80,000 price class sold out

Reserved Seat SBL Sales (sales began June 2012)
·    73 percent of reserved seat SBLs sold (39,200 seats)
·    68 of 114 sections sold out

Milpitas resident Matthew Swanson, who serves as the director of sales and marketing for the Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley, found both personal and business value in purchasing SBLs. “I really enjoy watching and supporting the 49ers,” said Mr. Swanson. “This is a perfect way to reward myself, family and friends by going to the games and making long lasting memories. Our business also sees great value in rewarding our consistently high-performing employees by sending them to a 49ers game or concert. We also plan to package our seats in several different manners to drive revenue for our hotel, as well as our local partners.”

Since SBLs first went on sale to the general public in October 2012, interest in the building has been staggering. The new stadium website,, has logged more than one million visitors since that time, as fans have the ability to follow the latest stadium developments and watch its construction through live webcam feeds. The website also provides prospective SBL buyers the ability to schedule appointments to visit the new stadium preview center and tour the construction site. To date, more than 20,000 appointments have been facilitated at the preview center.

San Jose resident Kevin Janda has been spreading the word about the value he sees in his SBLs. “It’s all about the experience,” said Mr. Janda. “The entire process, from beginning to end, has been amazing. My wife and I legitimately feel like a part of the 49ers family.  From the sales reps to the front office staff, everyone has gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and accommodate any and all requests we’ve had. This experience coupled with the reality of being a part of this ‘new’ 49ers legacy from the get-go is a win-win for any fan, and is why we continue to pitch the idea to all our friends and family.”

·    The project is 35 percent complete and 1,000 workers are currently on site
·    Structural steel is being constructed in the lower bowl
·    Crews are pouring concrete to complete the field level of the building
·    Upper deck and mid-bowl precast concrete is completely installed
·    Elevators and escalators are currently being installed
·    Field lighting has been installed and is now being tested
·    Installation of glass has started on the suite tower
Work continues on the layout and construction of interior spaces

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