New Stadium Technology

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alex Espinoza,

Among the many unique characteristics of the new Santa Clara Stadium will be the facility’s commitment to be on the cutting edge of technology. To that end, the organization has hired some of Silicon Valley’s brightest minds to turn the future home of the 49ers into one of the world’s most technologically capable buildings.

Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica spoke to 49ers Chief Technology Office Kunal Malik and Senior Director of Technology Dan Williams about their ambition to bring a world-class, large-scale Wi-Fi network to the new Santa Clara Stadium.

“The people building the 49ers’ wireless network do not have conventional sports technology backgrounds,” Brodkin wrote. “Senior IT Director Dan Williams and team CTO Kunal Malik hail from Facebook, where they spent five years building one of the world’s largest and most efficient networks for the website. The same sensibilities that power large Internet businesses and content providers permeate Williams’ and Malik’s plan for Santa Clara Stadium, the 49ers’ nearly half-finished new home.”

See the progress of the new Santa Clara Stadium by booking a construction tour.

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