Jed York Visits The Jim Rome Show

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Jed York covered a number of topics in a Tuesday morning interview on The Jim Rome Show, guest hosted by Bay Area radio and 49ers Pregame Show host Damon Bruce.

It’s a must-listen for all Faithful fans looking for insight from the San Francisco 49ers CEO. York first explained his reaction to seeing Tom Brady lead four consecutive touchdown drives to tie last Sunday’s 49ers game at 31.

San Francisco’s CEO explained that he was with family and a couple of friends from the Boston area in the team owner’s suite when things started to get too close for comfort.

“Even at 31-3,” York told Bruce, “I didn’t have a good feeling in my stomach because of Tom Brady… You knew they were going to click – you knew they were going to make a run.”

The Patriots made their run, but it wasn’t enough to derail the confidence and toughness of the 49ers, who responded with several key plays in the game’s closing moments to win 41-34 going away.

“It was an emotional roller-coaster of a game for me,” York admitted, saying he tries not to be emotional on gameday. “I try not to be, but when you go from 31-3 to 31-31, it was a little tense.”

York’s interview then switched gears towards his position in the front office. The 49ers CEO said he serves on the league’s Digital Media Committee, a fitting designation with his role in the development of the new Santa Clara Stadium.

“We want to make sure not that the 49ers are great, but that the NFL improves overall,” explained York as he discussed the team’s vision to improve in-game entertainment by empowering fan’s usage of personal technologies like smart phones and tablets. “I think we can keep getting better.”

“I do think we need to improve the in-game experience,” he added. “We need to make sure the experience is better than what is been in the past.”

York’s goal is to continue cultivating the best visionaries in the team’s front office from the Silicon Valley to help create the best outdoor entertainment venue in the world.

“We can pick from the greatest brains and minds out here to give our fans an experience unmatched when they’re at the game,” York stated.

Another interesting note from the 49ers CEO pertained to the possibility of hosting Super Bowl L (50) at the 49ers future home.

The City of San Francisco is in competition with the So. Florida/Miami committee for hosting rights to the 50th edition of the Big Game.

If San Francisco loses the bid, they’ll go in direct competition with Houston for the rights to host Super Bowl LI (51).

York and Bruce’s conversation switched to more football topics like the CEO’s thoughts on the 49ers midseason quarterback change and his take on this year’s Notre Dame football team.

The proud Fighting Irish alum said he hired Jim Harbaugh to who help guide the offense, in particular, the quarterback position.

“I don’t stick my nose into football decisions,” York said. “Coach made a decision and I support our coach.”

As for Notre Dame’s upcoming appearance in the BCS Championship Game, York is eagerly anticipating the big game against Alabama.

Bruce wrapped up the interview asking York what’s keeping him up more night these days – his newborn son Jaxon, his college playing Alabama in the BCS title game or preparing for Seattle this Sunday night.

The 49ers CEO picked the third option.

“Jax sleeps great so I know it’s not that one,” York said. “I’ve been in Seattle too many times to know it’s a tough environment… It’ll probably be more difficult than last week.”

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