Creating Moments of Inspiration



The 49ers Museum presented by Sony is a two-level, 20,000 square foot space dedicated to showcasing the past, present, and future of the 49ers organization and its commitment to education and innovation.

The 49ers Museum provides learning platforms that connect, inspire, and engage students in grades K-8. Our education program uses football as a platform for:

  • Teaching content-rich lessons in STEAM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
  • Ingraining invaluable life skills
  • Encouraging physical activity 

Learn more about STEAM integration and our programs, email us at

Field Trips

A field trip to the 49ers Museum can complement and reinforce your district’s curriculum in many ways. By offering hands-on, project-based learning in a dynamic and technological environment, the 49ers Museum has unique resources including our Denise DeBartolo York Education Center, where students use leading-edge, technological tools and techniques that will challenge students to reach new heights.



Educators can choose from an array of engaging lesson options; each of which is aligned to standards and sure to capture the imagination of students.



Students will tour and learn about how the stadium is a showcase for technology innovation and environmental sustainability.


Students will experience the 49ers history—and the game of football—through an interactive experience built on innovative technology.


GRADES K-3 & 7-8

Focus your field trip on the Museum Exploration Experience and learn about enriching history through interactive installations and film.



Visit the Denise DeBartolo York Education Center Museum Classroom Experience for hands-on project-based learning.



Our Museum educators will work with visiting teachers to align their experience with what students are learning at school.


As the first professional sports organization to embrace the STEAM learning concepts for youth and provide onsite free programming, the 49ers Museum constantly evolves and enhances the student experience to reflect the most current concepts that support classroom learning. By working closely with a board of local advisory educational partners, all programs have been specially aligned to state Common Core and Next Generation Science standards which support leading instructional practices. 

  • Engages students in a variety of technologically-rich learning experiences that are student-centered and can be adapted to various development levels and learning audiences
  • Integrates STEAM learning through project-based activities that transfer student knowledge and skills to real-world problems
  • Is aligned to 21st Century Learning Skills (Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity)
  • Increases student motivation for learning and enhances student understanding of STEAM concepts




Cost & Application
Our programs are completely free to schools participating. We have initiated an application process that will enable us to manage field trip requests in a manner that effectively directs volume and ensures the quality/integrity of the learning experience. Once selected, school groups may experience the 49ers Museum free of charge. Schools may apply for transportation assistance in addition to the field trip. 2016-2017 Field Trip Registration is now open.


“Wow, just wow! I would like to thank you and your staff for an absolutely wonderful field trip experience! Everything was top notch and first class. Our students were engaged from the moment they got there. Many of the students never had the opportunity to visit a NFL stadium before. I will never forget the looks on their faces when we pulled up to the stadium! Priceless! As an educator I was very impressed that the kids were exposed to so much science content. The classroom setting was very kid friendly. The interactive tables were awesome! I loved hearing the excitement in their voices as they were learning about science. I was also impressed the way that each Coach interacted with the kids.”
“Lastly, I have to say that in all my years as a teacher, our field trip to your facility was the best, most well run experience I have had when planning and executing a field trip. I loved that I didn’t have to worry about how the lunch basket was going to get to where we were going to each lunch (it’s the little things). Most of all, I loved that everything was so organized and planned out. Thank you again for allowing us to join you. What you do is important. You made a difference in the lives of my students. Words cannot express how grateful I am.” – Kristine Land, Garin Elementary
“STEM has truly come alive with the lesson students received yesterday. Now I feel like I can teach about the Design Process and use great examples from our Study Trip with ease. Today is my birthday and it has been an amazing birthday celebration for me! I have dreamt about taking students off campus during the day to learn about STEM/Engineering but I didn’t think it was possible until yesterday. I took a huge leap of faith and your team helped make my dream become a reality! Thanks again!” – Tiffani Neal, DeJean Middle School

“All six teachers from our grade level were impressed with the integration of the STEM component of the field trip. Our kids benefited and learned so much about the solar energy part of the program. We would like to come back next year with another group of eager 4th graders. This was one of the best educational field trip we have been too. We have already requested for next year.”- Elva Arellano, Sherwood School

“Sedgwick had an AMAZING time on our field trip. Thank you so much for the meaningful activities and the amazing coaches. We can’t wait for next year!! I already applied.” – Dana Kenzie Brand, Sedgwick School

“WOW! What an amazing day we had. Thank you so much for making this day an experience my students will never forget. I have a various range of students in my class and all of them were on task and learning! Many of my boys said, “It was the best day of their life”. The educational classroom was the highlight of the trip for myself. Seeing my students engaged and LOVING those tables was something I won’t soon forget.”- Dana Brown, Don Callejon Elementary, Santa Clara, CA

“We had a great time. This was a trip my students will never forget. Thank you so much for having us. We hope to do it again next year.” – Brian Conrad, Bulldog Tech, San Jose, CA

“Coach Matt was excellent. We loved the exercise and healthy bodies plus teamwork components. Lunch in the stadium and the locker room discussion and media room were wonderful experiences. Learning about the stadium was great too. Thanks for the organization, transportation, and experience. Go 49ers and the educational coach staff!” – Julie Federman, George Miner Elementary, San Jose, CA

“I appreciate the variety of activities you had prepared for our students. The tour had a few changes and additions so that they returning students were also engaged. In addition, your educators were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kept the students’ attention.” – Nelson Hori, Juan Cabrillo Middle School

“Thank you for making this happen for Quimby students again. I can’t thank you and your team for going out of your way to give my students this awesome learning opportunity. Your field trip has been the best field trip I’ve ever attended in my 15 year career as an educator. My middle school students were engaged at every moment and enjoyed learning in a cutting-edge teaching environment. Your staff, from the organization of the field trip to the teaching staff, was professional, energetic, and just outstanding at what they do. I appreciate you and your team for going above and beyond. It is so nice to have people like you dedicated to helping students in the community.” – Loan Dinh, Quimby Oak School

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and whoever else was involved in our education program yesterday. I have to say, that as a 49ers fan, I really just booked this trip for myself because I was dying to tour the stadium. As a matter of fact, one of my kids asked, “Mrs. Lentz, are we actually going to learn something today, or is this just for you?” I said, “Well, let’s just say if we learn something that will be a nice bonus.” I am so happy to say that yesterday FAR exceeded my expectations, not only as a fan, but definitely as a teacher. The organization of this trip from start to finish, the quality of the curriculum, the engaging class (Mr. V was so inspirational!) and the amazing, friendly coaches was more than I would have ever expected. My kids had an experience that they will never forget… AND as a bonus, they learned something! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to come again next year.” – Laura Lentz, Immaculate Heart of Mary School

“I just wanted to thank you again for a great day. The program delivered was so well thought-out and kept the kids engaged the whole time. They came back to school excited, enthusiastic 49ers fans. Everyone we interacted with today was terrific. The way they connected with the kids was remarkable. They had great information and management skills as well—they made the day. Thanks again for working with us. You helped create memories for these kids that will last forever.” – Kelly Karney, Chadbourne Elementary

“I was absolutely blown away by your demonstration and how well put together the program is. You can truly see the touches of an educator with the “friendly competition” and classroom management strategies. I am so excited for my students to come and be part of this, and know that it will truly be something that they remember for the rest of their lives. Most importantly, it will be a great introduction to STEM and serve as a valuable jumping off point for the school year. The 49ers have truly created something special that football fans, as well as non-football fans, can enjoy for many years to come. Thanks again for your hard work.” – Brett Lotz, 5th Grade Teacher,  Norwood Elementary, San Jose, CA

“On behalf of our teachers, chaperones and students, thank you very much for a great tour.  The students enjoyed the entire experience and we appreciate all of your efforts to make the entire day flow smoothly.  Your staff was enthusiastic and patient with all of our students.   Throughout all the transitions and activities your team was ready and prepared for us and the day was engaging for all.  The educational program was well planned and grade level appropriate for our students.   Our third graders will be using the playbook in class and we look forward to the post tour follow-up lessons.   We hope to be able to bring more classes for tours in the years ahead.” – Carol Wheaton, 3rd Grade Teacher, Sutter Elementary School, Santa Clara, CA

“What a wonderful program. It was well run by the coaches. No lag time in between activities so it kept my students busy. Thank you again. I would love to come back next school year.” – Karen Yee, Durham Elementary

“It was a great experience and the students had a good time. Many students said they wanted to come again. The literacy time was very engaging. I think the game zone was a favorite for many students and they wanted more time in there. Thank you so much. We’d love to come back.” – Kelly Maeda, Santee Elementary

“It was a great experience and the students had a good time. Many students said they wanted to come again. The literacy time was very engaging. I think the game zone was a favorite for many students and they wanted more time in there. Thank you so much. We’d love to come back.” – Megan Formariz, Noble Elementary

“Not  being a football fan, I had no idea what to expect, but the entire experience was absolutely phenomenal. Efficient, knowledgeable staff, and interactive exhibits completely engaged the kids and chaperones.” – Susan Shirley, Tom Matsumoto Elementary

“Thank you so much for the experience. I heard our students say for the first time they want to be an engineer. They didn’t even know that this was a career choice before.” – Leda Mares, Searles Elementary

HallmarkHE_R_horiz_4c.jpgThe San Francisco 49ers thank Chevron for helping bring STEM education to Bay Area youth.